Halo 4!
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Just kidding:P This is a Master Chief skin that was cooked and adapted to UT3 for the PS3.

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  1. Vicious713 sagt:

    Unfortunately…. This Game alone = not amazing >.o You really gotta be
    into the whole community scene to enjoy it.

  2. ironsaber2 sagt:

    lol cuz every ps3 fan boy secretly wishes they could call halo theirs. the
    game that outsold uncharted 2’s 2 year sales in a single day

  3. ZwergpiratXXL sagt:

    nice ut mod haha

  4. diggy855 sagt:

    @Hockeymonster95 halo reach is actually 7th! just saying!

  5. H34life1337 sagt:

    Wow……dudes this is just unreal tournament 3 if anoyone fell fo this
    they a couple of dumbasses

  6. Jordan Newell sagt:

    cool mc in unreal lol

  7. batistabomb1052 sagt:

    @TheRandomSlacker yeah i just got it for xbox 360 and its kick ass oh wait
    that was 1 year ago but eh i still paly it and its awersome

  8. Andrew Parker sagt:

    this is unreal 3,…..crap can the xbox 360 version of Unreal 3 hav mods?
    if not i need to get a ps3

  9. David Radosavljevic sagt:

    Its UT3 !

  10. StrikePlaysGames sagt:

    if this is halo 4 im master cheif

  11. Hockeymonster95 sagt:

    OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s Halo 4 I want
    my copy today wooooooooooo. Halo 4 aka Halo Reach is actually halo 4 which
    is in the past before halo combat evolved. So He wouldn’t have Mark 7 armor
    yet so I’m sorry good try….. Unreal is amazing isn’t and look Xbox 360
    has infected the PS3 with Halo! Hip Hip Hooray

  12. Aqworldthunder sagt:

    I have a Ps3 And A Xbox 360 Tell You the honest Truth The Xbox 360 I love
    because Halo And Gta4 Black Ops Suck on 360 On ps3 Black Ops Modern warfare
    2 And COD4 BOth systems Are Awesome Cant we all agree on that And that wii
    sucks xD

  13. Zantus Red sagt:

    Unreal Tournament 3. Cool eh? I wish i had it.

  14. fadedmethodus sagt:

    I swear if you had found a way to change the HUD to look like the Halo
    one…I would’ve laughed to see how many people would fall for it.

  15. rolfchopa sagt:

    hahahaha gj but this is still ut3

  16. motoxfever96 sagt:

    ur pretty close its actually called Halo 3 Recon and u play as a odst
    (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) on earth after the big explosion happened from
    the ship and you are inspecting the remains wit ur squad and come into
    contact with a whole new alien race. theres new wpns etc…

  17. Jonathan Nope sagt:

    i think that the are planning to make a Halo 3-2 you play as a differen
    sparant at the brute home world if im wrong than im wrong but thats what
    ive heard

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