Ghost Recon Online Dev Chat – Adrian Blunt – Teil 2 [DE]
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Adrian Blunt beantwortet einige Community Fragen über Ghost Recon Online. Registriere dich jetzt:

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  1. burntcustard sagt:

    Ubi needs to throw more money for PR for these guys. GRO is a great game, and should be more popular. It’s nice to hear Adrian talk about level design, I’d compare GRO to TF2 and CS:GO in terms of how fantastic the level design is. Keep up the good work guys!

  2. ream azriel sagt:

    Ubi , I don’t know I you see my post.
    but as you see the video don’t have alot of views that because this game isn’t that famous and many people don’t know about him.
    first Of all public the game and then create maps and stuff like that..
    It’s very annoying to play with the same players , and they always getting better and better and everyone almost level 30 , wich make the game alot harder and really frustrating.

    about the big maps , It could be a meduim map with open field like jungle/build’s

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