F1 2011-PC Gameplay HD Maxed Out
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Maxed Out Settings. PC : Q9400 (OC) , GTX 460 AMP! Edition , 4GB RAM Walkthroughs in HD on my walkthrough channel : www.youtube.com Reviews, Info and other cool stuff about brand new PC Games you can find on my website : triple6games.webs.com Have Fun / Viel Spaß !
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  1. przemek89kapsel sagt:

    słaba grafika…

  2. GamingRacerHD sagt:

    what you use to record this?

  3. l4szlo sagt:

    brake assist ftw

  4. TonyMahonY87 sagt:

    for this comment u shouldnt be allowed to play racing games on computer

  5. MrMethadrine sagt:

    actually im more precise with a keyboard rather a wheel contoller.

  6. ViperDoomer sagt:

    You’ve been playing on keyboard…. Now that’s effin lame!

  7. Rex Mercer sagt:

    the driving wheel looks like a game controller lol! 😀

  8. James Skinner sagt:

    how many cores does your cpu have?

  9. MrShwartzno1 sagt:

    u drive like my nana..

  10. alucard alucardidis sagt:

    omg lfs is still better… rly the best physics ever in a game…

  11. ozanTx sagt:

    i hate this keyboard drivers

  12. Dokepredator sagt:

    @horesvinet hahahah 5x gtx 590TI Wtf u are a big Noob and a hd 6990 on ur bad CPU sure

  13. Emil Skogqvist sagt:

    If i were you i would get new drivers.. Ofc u can run it in max settings with a good graphics card. I know i do.
    Second: Its not possible to have 5 gtx590. U can only have 4 gpu’s. And there is no thing called gtx590ti its only gtx590.. Get your facts straight.

  14. horesvinet sagt:

    loool.. He is a liar! there is a big bug in this game.. almost no computers in the whole world is able to run this game in full graphics and especially not with those crappy specs! i have phenom II x6 1090 something 8gb ram radeon hd6990 so i know what i’m talking about! and my pc is running on MEDIUM in that game and it’s better than his graphics. so it’s really not possible to run that game with everything on full unless u have an FBI computer with 5 GTX590TI twinfrozers!

  15. AZMALING sagt:

    looks like the Singapore night race. 

  16. Decroca22 sagt:

    use gamepad. not keyboard…

  17. pablottefull95 sagt:

    te pasa hasta el apuntaor

  18. larrylurcher sagt:

    the steering looks worse than the 2010 version

  19. SrbProGamer sagt:

    nice game

  20. TeiBigBossRapper sagt:

    heute ^^

  21. MrSchafgilde sagt:

    wann kommt es raus?

  22. angeriu sagt:

    It was first time when you played F1 game or no?

  23. salam14111 sagt:

    gear 1 and 100 km/h ?

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