Assassin’s Creed 3 – Connor Teaser Trailer – Weapons! [HD]
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  1. Patrick Richard Søefeldt sagt:

    Notice how the tomahawk’s blade almost looks like the Assassin’s „A“ 🙂

  2. DidierCosta19 sagt:

    you idiot 1. America sucks 2. Its ‚You’re American‘ as in you are American
    , not ‚your American‘ You fail so much.

  3. rodolfo sinahon sagt:

    Can I have assasins creed 3 for Xbox?

  4. Souxs9 sagt:

    It already excist. it’s called Tenchu.

  5. Peter BM sagt:

    except for the asshole of Desmond

  6. MatchCard sagt:

    Doesn’t ring a bell… fill me in please

  7. Silentalianos sagt:

    I hope Connor does not die by sitting on a bench!

  8. Matt Kalisz sagt:

    It’s £59.99 for PC (the complete box) and 79.99 for Xbox and PS3 U mad
    console gamers? xD

  9. Marquis sagt:

    You can still take the swords of the guards…but thats not american, lol

  10. Matthew Banham sagt:

    why can’t we scalp bears? won’t be buying this until the bear-scalping dlc
    is released

  11. godofwarrocksman sagt:

    i hope those who complain that there is no hidden blade in the trailer will
    stop complaining after this

  12. TheNikolaus2012 sagt:

    I respect your opinion but no. Just no, Man.

  13. Amber Lloyd sagt:

    Finally a bow! ^^

  14. samad853 sagt:


  15. ComandaJoeLM sagt:

    Very stealth his appearance… Not credo-like. :/

  16. Sensy sagt:

    I think i shit my pants

  17. Wayne Naus sagt:


  18. JRPG MMO [Archives] sagt:

    You should get early access.

  19. Blissful Cleric sagt:

    your right, they make all these cool characters in the trailers but screw
    it up in the game,Ezio kinda looked like a monkey i wish they stuck with
    the old Desmond look 🙁 or at least make Conner have a shade of the eye
    like the prowler from AC:Brotherhood,wouldn’t that be cool?

  20. WWEPH5926 sagt:

    What about the sword

  21. Idurion229 sagt:

    dual blade is ezios thing 😀

  22. DidierCosta19 sagt:

    i’m joking