TOMB RAIDER (2013) – The Final Hours: Episode 1 – Rebirth (Deutsche Untertitel) | FULL HD
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Square Enix kidnaps fans to the world famous video game hero Lara Croft with „The Final Hours of Tomb Raider“ behind the scenes at the development of Tomb Raider. LIKE us: FOLLOW us: XBLA, XBLIG and PC games on: More infos on…
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  1. IfIGoWillYouFollow sagt:


  2. LLOYD19851012 sagt:

    It’s called posh.

  3. LLOYD19851012 sagt:

    Americans do have an accent.

  4. Karim Benallel sagt:

    Arcade Gannon!

  5. robthafactor sagt:

    Oh yea, game looks great too.

  6. robthafactor sagt:

    Damn she’s fine!

  7. j chew sagt:

    I was saying because its an american game, the accent of lara has too be the funny stereotype posh type to appeal. Only the queen speaks like her

  8. Zibbit27 sagt:

    Having the box to the game, means alot for some.

  9. aziz dalhoumi sagt:

    why not!
    there could be nosteam download

  10. devilhatehumankind66 sagt:

    i believe you guy speak English, do you know who create English lang ??? english people, so if who is going to have an accent in here … it will be American. just saying 😛

  11. j chew sagt:

    I lv her accent but americans think we all speak like that, maybe not everyone but a lot of the people ive met in america asked about butlers

  12. j chew sagt:

    No one in england has realy that stereotypical posh,rich accent. People who live in big mansions do (lara). We all dont have butlers either.

  13. karm0ffel sagt:

    of course they do have an accent: an american accent.
    do u think the „american“ language is the proper way of speaking english?
    no dude. canadians, english people, australians and americans DO have accent.
    and i thought that the america u know has it’s origin from europe. (basically u guys are europeans :D).
    so stfu! thanks

  14. bbanks515 sagt:

    Talk to someone from another country and they’ll disagree with you

  15. SaRaH9GaMeR sagt:

    Congratulations you are now the stupidest person on the internet

  16. Jimmy Kane sagt:

    Americans HAVE no accent.

  17. Jimmy Kane sagt:

    Learn English, please.

  18. FrenkBatacchioZlatan sagt:

    in italian,please!!!

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