Scenes from Germany
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 – scenes from Germany. Game by SCS Software (, to be released 2012.

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  1. Lucas Percinatto sagt:

    im gonna buy a new pc just for run ETS 2 in max settings *__*

  2. lourfenim sagt:

    Lol i will buy soon a g27 too only for ETS2! Hope that my pc will be able
    to run it a bit above medium settings. Especially my ATI Radeon HD 4800 and
    my 2 GB RAM 😛

  3. Dave Gerrits sagt:

    Which the artist of the music in this clip?? (srry for my bad english, i’am

  4. UppsalaLP sagt:

    hands please like „Driver: San Franciso“ 🙂

  5. Samuel White sagt:

    @karoletsimulator1 True, very true. ive watched loads of other videos of
    this game by SCS Software and i saw you can customize your truck in the
    garage, iy makes it real EPIC. I almost have every single SCS Software game
    they made (the only ones i havent got are the hunting ones)

  6. djmartin sosa sagt:

    hey para cuando la descarga del juego… Hey stops when the unloading of
    the game …

  7. NeonChargeGaming sagt:

    @sernikpl2010 because I and others want the gear shifting to be realistic!

  8. Metallica031194 sagt:

    this looks nice i hope, august comes fast

  9. GaborBartal sagt:

    @NIGHTMARE5008 Using a steering wheel is the real deal indeed. But when
    someone doesn’t have one, it’s MUCH better than keyboard. I can’t imagine
    „driving“ with 2 keyboard buttons. By the way it worries me that while
    recording a video they didn’t use a steering wheel. It raises the question:
    do they use a wheel while testing the physics engine at all? We’ve seen how
    jerky the driving was in other test videos AND in Trucks&Trailers :S

  10. Marin Rakić sagt:

    if you want to know the release date, look at the description. and BTW, am
    i he only one who read the description?

  11. Witzco608 sagt:

    I can wait until 2012, as long as the time is well spent into making this
    game absolutely revolutionary!

  12. Jannik O sagt:

    @Mrmr2r I know. But I can also understand SCS. I think, the realistic
    aspect is one of the most important aspects for a Simulator. Maybe SCS
    install a Mulitplayer option in the next games.

  13. James Wishart sagt:

    @ElielSouza1994 no had enough with uk truck sim with that. dispate that tho
    i still play it .

  14. Tttggvv sagt:

    i hope you put some snow or something like we have in 18 PTTM ,drift on the
    snow or have rain .

  15. slam -onerse sagt:

    ce serai tellement bien si il y avait des porteur ^^

  16. LeetKrew090 sagt:

    @TheGreatJoeRUS i love your idea! that would be really cool to be like in
    OMSI the mouse steering

  17. Rotaru Cristian sagt:

    @Metti95 I’m from Romania so…?? when?:D

  18. ytrnjdikzgt sagt:

    Moon is always full? Will it grow and fade? It would be interesting. But
    please – no bright stars! They’re so not realistic. Actually there is no
    big need to make game so astronomical as Stellarium 🙂 Much more important
    what’s around you, like traffic e.g. Please distant landscapes with dusty
    fields and rivers! Good work! Thanks.

  19. GameFoxo sagt:

    Are Hamburg in the game?


    This is the music very good 😉

  21. Robin Lijnes sagt:

    @ObsedatDeMasini i think u can play it also on 10 january