Operation7 Free2play MMO Ego Shooter Trailer
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Operation7 is a Free to Play online Shooter, with unique weapon customization, amazing clan system, hundreds of suits for your unique character, cups and lea…

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  1. Daggi Aslan sagt:


  2. Ricky ITACHANNEL sagt:

    ohw very nice trailer 😉

  3. OnNeutralGround sagt:

    Lol. I tried to register for the game: no validation email recieved. Wrote to support: no support ticket recieved. Registered in forum to get help: no validation email for forum recieved. Checked my email to make sure it works: other games successfully joined. Tried again with secondary email account: same thing. I stay away from that game for a while…

  4. 0144Walter sagt:

    Hello! I have a problem with updating the game. He says Fail to Download DICspack148-ENG.zip Please Check Network and Program Restart, but I Internet works perfectly. Help me! I want to play! (sorry for the bad English, i’m Italian)

  5. IPlaying4You sagt:

    im the first comment 😀

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