Angry Birds Trilogy | Release Trailer (2013) [DE] | FULL HD
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Spielspaß für die ganze Familie im Großformat: Angry Birds landen via Xbox 360, auf dem eigenen Fernseher. FACEBOOK: | TWITTER: | SUBSCRIBE to XboxViewTV: XBLA and XBLIG games: Tägl. News auf XboxDome [DE]: XboxViewTV also on MyTopTrailer…

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  1. Grimmomega sagt:

    Yeah, they get used up until everyone hates them.
    Just like Call of Duty.

  2. chronicleone sagt:

    That is what you do when you have a successful franchise. Obviously you have no idea how whores work.

  3. Grimmomega sagt:

    Holy shit please stop releasing an Angry Birds title every few weeks.
    They’re milking the shit out of the franchise.

  4. Jose Mateo sagt:

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  5. MrSamengo sagt:

    :I don´t want to live on this planet anymore:

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