„Survival of the Dead“-(HD Official Trailer)Kinostart: 06.05.2010
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Survival of the Dead (Survival of the dead) Titel: Survival of the Dead (Survival of the dead) Genre: Horror Darsteller: Julian Richings, Devon Bostick, Athe…
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  1. TobiMusik1 sagt:

    continuation from the movie „Diary Of The Dead“ at the beginning the guys in the car

  2. Ron Rose sagt:

    In light of Germans‘ affinity for scat porn the dubbed dialog seems fitting…since this is easily one of the shittiest films ever made. lol

  3. Futurama6699 sagt:

    romero edits best, romero the zombie maker 😀

  4. Vivien Limberg sagt:

    Ich finde Zombie Filme sind hammer geil

  5. lyricalstyles sagt:

    This movie was terrible…

  6. xShaKuR25 HDx sagt:

    hahaha 1:55 ist von „ghost rider“ xD

  7. Burgerman001 sagt:

    at 1:55 is the ghost rider 😀

  8. Kead0r sagt:

    wow how old are you…

  9. diesache3 sagt:


    richtig so ;D

  10. AttentionJunkie sagt:

    for some reason germans prefer english movies dubbed, all the time i spent there i couldent find any lord of the rings in english with subtitles in the theaters, but as soon as i went to holland low and behold there it was

  11. Rettungsliegerfan sagt:

    your mother sucks your balls u fukin american

  12. Jay Black sagt:

    Shut the fuck up, american jew bitchez

  13. F95stargroup sagt:

    american trash movie, about Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead was very good!

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