SHAKRA – Powerplay (2013) // official album trailer // AFM Records
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SHAKRA „Powerplay“ – out on January 11th, 2013. http
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  1. MrWaaaaaaagh sagt:

    Oh my God, that’s so original and funny. Shakra have been around for over FIFTEEN years and this is their NINTH album. And with each new release there are STILL people who have never heard of them and come up with this “joke“.

  2. Marion Perez Celestino sagt:

    Die dritte Band aus der Schweiz für mich mit grossem Potential und Format.. Stark erinnernd an Krokus und doch eigenständig und ein astreines tolles Video bei Wonderfull Live.. danke für diese Bereicherung..

  3. robmlisanti sagt:

    Sounds like Shakra to me!

  4. mofaraider sagt:

    Sounds great :-)

  5. Oceliana sagt:

    Kick Ass Album… Waooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..
    All the Tunes are Awesome, especially „Don’t Keep Me Hanging“: I looooooove it 😉

  6. Maxmetpt sagt:

    „Higher“ sounds really good! I don’t really some of the choruses, but it seems a solid and worthy album overall, looking forward to its release.

  7. nmindust sagt:

    Shit, this is gonna be awesome as fuck!

  8. VonValen sagt:

    When you guys coming to Los Angeles???

  9. evilcharliie sagt:

    Can,t wait to hear the whole album. Sounds like another winner for Shakra.

  10. Saga Scythe sagt:

    Yeah me too… I said WTF?? XDDD

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