Pacific Rim | trailer #1 US (2013) Charlie Hunnam Guillermo del Toro
By admin On 2 Mrz, 2013 At 07:14 PM | Categorized As Kino | With 2 Kommentare – Darsteller / cast: Idris Elba , Charlie Hunnam , Rinko Kikuchi , Ron Perlman , Charlie Day , Clifton Collins Jr. Genre: scifi Regie / directed by: Guillermo del Toro Kinostart Deutschland: 2013 Kinostart USA: July 12th, 2013 offizielle Filmsite: Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Warner Bros. used with authorization

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  1. Adil Bhatti sagt:

    seems like its inspred by the anime neon evangelion

  2. Sheepsh0t sagt:

    1:31 : random martial arts samurai fight.

  3. Pew TheBIind sagt:

    Only thing that annoys me in this Trailer is the Martial Arts sequence. Let this Blockbuster Mainstream movie be a Blockbuster Mainstream movie, but please don’t bring any fake Martial Arts in…
    Martial Arts are epic IRL, don’t try to flavor the imaginative epicness of the movie with asian culture. D’uh

  4. paraprog85 sagt:

    no potato this time.

  5. MaxSmart80 sagt:

    Why is everybody underestimating Guillermo del Torro. This guy knows how to write and tell a story. He isn’t Michael Bay…

  6. Gidiwouu sagt:

    Well, it will be better the the NGE remake…

  7. Steidemeister56 sagt:

    Giant robots ≠ evangelion (for example transformers)
    Giant robots controlled by people inside them built by secret military operatives fighting giant monsters from a different dimension seeking to destroy humanity… well kiiiiinda like evangelion. Now, please don´t get me wrong here i´m really not trying to insinuate that they copied it or something, i´m just saying that the concept is kinda similar. However as evangelion actually had a storyline, i strongly doubt this also has one…

  8. zirius89 sagt:

    So giant robots=instant neon genesis evangelion rip off?Whatever,this movie will be the worst shit ever.

  9. sherpaXD sagt:

    i want SOOOOO badly to see giant robots punching monsters in the face!

  10. ThCandySpookyTheater sagt:

    Richtig geiler Film, den werde ich mir auf jeden Fall anschauen O_o
    Wenn der Trailer schon so gut ist, kann’s doch nur noch besser werden x)

  11. SETHthegodofchaos sagt:

    Dont forget Avatar and Transformers!

  12. frenchmanfresh1 sagt:

    My nipples are so hard right now! This will put puny Michael Bay in his place.

  13. grynax sagt:

    Maybe these are all animatronics.

  14. TheCDelX sagt:

    And this Movie from a Guy that stated once that he don´t likes CGI. But del Torro can make this Thing work.

  15. Nemrod867 sagt:

    and this guy directed Pans Labyrinth…

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