Mercedes-Benz AMG ★ Michael Schumacher Special Trailer
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Michael Schumacher – Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG T-Model And SLS AMG ……….. TA : Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Cabrio cabriolet C63 AMG C-Class Family F1 safety pit stop racing formula 1 Michael Schumacher World Champion petronas f1 track race season 2011 season brabus custom cars vehicles automobiles motorsport AMG F1 safety Road Interior 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY Interior Facelift AMGRoadster Daimler AG High-performance coupé 2012 2011 2013 sport driving test speed auto motorsport engineering AMG 6.0 litre V12 biturbo engine Supercar innovation history Advertisting Commercial Ad Luxury Passion Road Interior Road Star Karl Benz Gottlieb Daimler Das Beste Oder Nichts The best or nothing Germany Car Auto Video Movie V8 AMG BlackSeries BRABUS SLS AMG Sportscar Super Sports w221 w220 w212 – … Music World of Warcraft Soundtrack – The Shaping of the World
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  1. sarajevorajvosa sagt:


  2. jujdis1 sagt:

    Is that real has it been done b4

  3. ricardomacgiver29 sagt:

    Exelent travesia,Guaoo!

  4. Sneaker Guru sagt:

    Benz should let the King help them make the next AMG!

  5. alohacoastie02 sagt:

    It is a mercedes commercial

  6. Landon Thomas sagt:

    he’s really sexy. even tho he’s alot older than me… i love him!

  7. HARLEYBOY33 sagt:

    Brackley to Heaven and back !

  8. bank0fengland sagt:

    the use the second video

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