Man of Steel | teaser #2 D (2013) Superman
By admin On 4 Mrz, 2013 At 05:11 AM | Categorized As Kino | With 2 Kommentare – Darsteller / cast: Henry Cavill , Russell Crowe , Amy Adams Genre: fantasy / comic Regie / directed by: Zack Snyder Kinostart Deutschland: 2012 Kinostart USA: 2012 offizielle Filmsite: Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Warner Bros. used with authorization
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  1. Antonius Alexandros sagt:


  2. William Henry sagt:

    Acht der lieber

  3. truthsayerz sagt:

    Cant wait to see Superman Begins… i mean Man of steel lol

  4. Razlo5000 sagt:

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  5. cantwhistleforshit sagt:

    I want part of the movie to have him in the Kon-El outfit, black shirt with the S logo and jeans. I love the original outfit, but I’d like it to be mixed up a bit.

  6. wolverineboy97 sagt:

    is this supposed to be the same theme as the dark knight serieess? or could this be in the same universe as the dark knight series that was created by christopher nolan
    he is producing this movie and it would make sense

  7. mzecke sagt:

    1:02 Felix Baumgartner in reverse.
    Der durchbricht halt auch die Schallmauer 😀

  8. MikeyZeov sagt:

    yeah my fault, didn’t see the D.

  9. KackNasenBert sagt:

    it is. Man of Steel | teaser #2 D (2013) Superman. the ‚D‘ stands for Deutschland=Germany. its not in english, but its there

  10. MikeyZeov sagt:

    Exactly, therefore put the language in title.

  11. KackNasenBert sagt:

    i wish people would be a little bit more tolerant to people who cant speak english -.-

  12. MikeyZeov sagt:

    i wish people would warn me in the title when they try to ruin trailers with their own language.

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