Far Cry 3 | DLC Deluxe Bundle Trailer (2013) [DE] | HD
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Das Deluxe Bundle ist ein umfangreiches DLC-Paket für Far Cry 3. Das Deluxe Bundle ist ab sofort erhältlich. FACEBOOK: goo.gl | TWITTER: goo.gl | SUBSCRIBE to XboxViewTV: goo.gl XBLA and XBLIG games: YouTube.com Tägl. News auf XboxDome [DE]: www.xboxdome.de XboxViewTV also on MyTopTrailer:…
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  1. r0b690 sagt:

    They did a great job. But I am also bored with the game. They need more time on adding weapons and wildlife. Far Cry 4 would be epic.

  2. HMSConduct sagt:

    Notice in the title it says (DE)

  3. ZunaZurugi sagt:

    The most good games take 4 Years…

    Fable 1 = 4 Years, Fable 2 = 4 Years and Fable 3 (was bad) 2 Years…

    oh and Far Cry 3 was had too a devolpment time of 4 Years

  4. Mypc4you sagt:

    no games take that long.

  5. RealTankerViktor sagt:

    Thanks, i stabbed you 😉

  6. RrisenVideos sagt:

    There could always be more. Unfortunately we live in a world of deadlines.

  7. Vaas Montenegro sagt:

    Ubisoft already said that there will be a Far Cry 4 and an AC 4 in the coming year ( April 2013 to March 2014 ). YOu also can read it at gamespot.com to get sure 😉

  8. madJedi1 sagt:

    farcry 3 is good for about 2 to 4 weeks.. after that your bored 2 death with the EASY campaign & maxed out in mplr.. poor job altogether & on the editor GRRRRR no proper ziplines (they tiny).. & NO a.i. & vehicle’s allowed in any form of online play ..

    is a shame as its all there, lazy ass programmers

  9. TRYER25 sagt:

    Why? You might be on an American site, but that site is on the world wide web and it caters to all. Don’t like it. Find another video, to fit your needs.

  10. Mate2th sagt:

    You live in USA, and you not understand what talked on this video…hmm i am too not all understand what me talcked when i drink vodka and kiss little pussy bear *0*

  11. IIDarkSatanII sagt:

    English please.

  12. gamingmonster98 sagt:

    yes vaas, and when will you be coming back, surely you aren’t dead, amahrite?

  13. trevilizationstudios sagt:

    this clearly deserved it

  14. Vaas Montenegro sagt:

    So this is just the monkey business pack right?

  15. Miguel Maldonado sagt:

    I know it is worth the wait though

  16. ZunaZurugi sagt:

    dont forget, to make a good game its take 3-5 year (mostly 4) so i dont think it comes soon.

  17. Raisinbrandon1 sagt:

    I have the walking dead was better experience playing it, for the 1st time around, and it’s cools to see how much the game changes if u go back n choose different things, but far cry has lasted me a lot longer and I’m always finding things to keep doing, I bought the dlc yesterday but can’t download because my psn account is down ;(

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