Evil Dead | Comic Con New York panel (2013) Bruce Campbell Tanz der Teufel
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www.facebook.com – Darsteller / cast: Jane Levy , Shiloh Fernandez , Jessica Lucas , Genre: horror / fantasy Regie / directed by: Fede Alvarez Kinostart Deutschland: 25. April 2013 Kinostart USA: 2013 offizielle Filmsite: Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Sony used with authorization
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  1. Vova Dzyuba sagt:

    Cast character names spell DEMON awesome!!!

  2. Matriculon sagt:

    I really hope this movie’s gonna kick ass

  3. Gamabyu sagt:

    true and I agree it would be entirely unfair for anybody to expect the Male lead to fill Bruce Campbell’s shoes, which is probably why they went with the female lead to avoid this, but then they fall into that classic horror movie cliche where the girl is the only survivor. I could live with if it was the only cliche in the movie, but I doubt this. I think they could have found a Male lead that could have made Ash his own, not Bruce Campbell’s. Plus ED 1 & ED 2 were two different Ashes by Bruce

  4. Alexis B sagt:

    I’m a huge Evil Dead fan, and I agree- this new scenario is going to be a bit hard to swallow. But, I think that if they would’ve cast a male actor, named him Ash and tried to model him after Bruce Campbell, it would’ve been even more of an insult to the fans because those are impossibly big shoes to fill. I’m going to go see with the remake with an open mind, an try not to compare it too much to the original or be too critical because I think the trailer looks bad ass regardless.

  5. Gamabyu sagt:

    They’re saying Jane Levy is going to be the protagonist, I don’t know, I think Evil Dead fans are going to have hard time accepting a woman as basically the new Ash.

  6. JRHartly1984 sagt:

    View 666 XD

  7. jesse fontes sagt:

    This should be interesting. I’ve been such a huge evil dead fan since I was little so I’m hoping this re make will be pretty good. Some of those people in the crowd were fucking rude! If I were security I’d throw some of their asses out!

  8. rvspawn sagt:

    Jane Levy = Freaked out!!!

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