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Take one last gander at Dead Space 3 prior to its launch with the Story trailer. Buy Dead Space 3 at Amazon: XboxViewTV on FACEBOOK: XboxViewTV at TWITTER: SUBSCRIBE to XboxViewTV Channel: Xbox News täglich auf [DE]: XBLA and XBLIG games: YouTube.c…
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  1. DuhNay20 sagt:

    Thank you so much!! And yeah, I’ve heard of the other one’s you mentioned. I have most of their music on my ipod! And I listen to epic music while I’m jogging/working out. It’s the best motivation ever! I feel like I’m running from chaos and taking on the biggest adventure no movie could ever create! Lol!

  2. teslagamer21 sagt:

    oh it still horror A LOT

  3. TheFearsomeWaffle sagt:

    „Heavy Melody Music – Born From Gods“ ( composed by Dos Brains ) Literally found under Dead Space 3 trailer song on Seems like game/movie specific trailer music since there are no lyrics. Unless you count the epic choir. You like this stuff check out The Immediate, Brand X music and to a more classical approach: Two Steps from Hell. All of them epic music. I listen to them when driving so I can cut people and just tell myself it’s because I’m on the way to hunt a Dragon.

  4. DuhNay20 sagt:

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the trailer starting at 0:53?

  5. briannema768 sagt:

    More gruesome deaths scenes for Issac and his pal

  6. J03ll30J sagt:

    this looks actually really good

  7. CallofDutyHalo101 sagt:

    demo isnt scary

  8. nobleteamspartan073 sagt:

    its dead space for sure if you want more of the action view play co-op if you want more of scary as hell moments play single player

  9. nobleteamspartan073 sagt:

    yup she has a new eye

  10. nobleteamspartan073 sagt:

    this is how I picture it Co-op is going more action pack with some horror, now single player is going to be the old dead space feel that we all love.

  11. vurkuta sagt:

    I hope theres some horror in it

  12. BKGameers sagt:

    this must be a very awesome game !!!

  13. Grizzlee Bear sagt:

    you cant blame him for thinking that maybe the franchise wouldnt sell out and blow up as a huge action franchise.

  14. Grizzlee Bear sagt:

    what hes saying is that its not the original dead speace. how much further can it morph until its so unlike its original that it can even be caled a completely different game, disconnected from its original goal? its appealing more towards the mainstream now, some like it, but those who enjoyed dead space for its distinct qualities wont enjoy this one anymore, because like you said, its morphed until its compltely not like the original. it is not dead space.

  15. Matthew Raser sagt:

    If I didn’t know any better I would say this is a completely differently game.


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