Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 | Official Trailer #2 US (2013)
By admin On 9 Jan, 2014 At 11:12 AM | Categorized As Kino | With 2 Kommentare – Darsteller / cast: Bill Hader , Anna Faris, Will Forte Genre: animation Regie / directed by: Cody Cameron & Kris Pea…
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  1. Tong Truong sagt:

    He types funny !!! XD

  2. Sarah Hollins sagt:

    lol mosquitoast theres a leak in the boat, i’m gonna call him berry ahh ahh
    ahh ahh

  3. Tereza Novotná sagt:

    So dumb funny!

  4. SummerWeLove sagt:

    Just watched it with my friends. Amazing movie

  5. MinecraftAnimalJam sagt:

    I’m gonna start doing the face at 0:51 to spread the word to my favorite
    movie! (Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2)

  6. Kathleen Coll sagt:

    i am going to the movies to see it tommrow

  7. Erika Davis sagt:

    it a good show and I love it

  8. heather tatum sagt:

    weres butter?

  9. kevin isaza sagt:

    Looks awesome

  10. coolleax sagt:

    Watermelon elefants Chowder cartoon anyone?

  11. Pandy Monium sagt:

    „Look! Mosquitoast!“

  12. George O'Sullivan sagt:

    if i watch this i think i might die from the huge amount of terrible puns!

  13. Abshid Al Farsi sagt:

    An entire movie tribute to foodpuns

  14. MetalFish2009 sagt:

    looks funny

  15. Angelica Forge sagt:

    I was kinda skeptical about this, but it’s real guys!!!:))

  16. TheMCknights sagt:

    That guy has a pair of balls as his chin

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